Distracted Walking Injuries Quadruple

1104507_mobile_phone.jpgBrooksville, Florida – While distracted driving from cell phone use has been on the radar of federal and state governments for some time now, it has recently become apparent that distracted walking is also a major safety concern throughout the country.

According to the Associated Press, the number of people injured while walking and texting, making phone calls, tweeting, playing games, talking on the phone or listening to music on headphones, has more than quadrupled in the past seven years.

In fact, 1,152 people were medically treated for distracted walking injuries in 2011, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Most people genuinely believe that no real danger can come from walking and texting. However, the reality is that distracted walking can be fatal.

Research conducted at the University of Maryland revealed 116 cases in which pedestrians were killed or seriously injured while wearing headphones. Half of these injuries involved trains and two-thirds of those injured included men under the age of 30.

Further data from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration shows that while the number of traffic deaths in 2010 decreased from the previous year, pedestrian deaths increased by 4.2 percent and injuries by 19 percent.

Cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets and portable video games can cause pedestrians to become seriously distracted from their surroundings. When people traveling on foot take their eyes off the road, they are not focusing on the potential hazards around them which can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Furthermore, wearing headphones keeps pedestrians from hearing the noises around them, like horns used by motorists to warn others of their presence.

Remember, anytime you are walking near traffic you are exposed to certain dangers. Keep this in mind when you are walking, and always pay careful attention to your surroundings, and avoid using your cell phone.

While distracted walking is clearly a problem, it is important to note that most pedestrian accidents can be linked to negligent or careless drivers. If you have been injured in such an accident, the Hernando County Injury Attorneys at Whittel & Melton can help you obtain the compensation you need to make a full recovery. To find out how we may be able to assist you and your loved ones, contact us online or call our Spring Hill office at 352-666-2121.

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