Fire Sparked By Deep Fryer Destroys Spring Hill Home

A deep fryer apparently caused a house fire in Spring Hill, according to Pasco County Fire Rescue.

A deep fryer was left unattended in the kitchen and started a fire inside the home located at 16517 Albright Avenue.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and found heavy smoke and flames shooting from the double-wide mobile home.

Crews battled the fire and were able to contain it to the kitchen and dining room area.

The homeowner was treated for smoke inhalation. One firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion and released. There were no other injuries.

Due to smoke, heat and water damage, the mobile home is a complete loss.

The Red Cross is assisting the family of five that lived in the home.

According to The National Fire Protection Association,  deep fryers result in at least $15 million worth of property damage every year. Moreover, the oil used in fryers can ultimately cause severe physical harm to both adults and children. It is important to highlight that most deep fryer fires can be prevented. Deep fryers should not be used on a wooden structure such as a deck and they should be kept away from any buildings or other objects that may ignite. A deep fryer should never be left unattended and if you are using a deep fryer, keep a functioning fire extinguisher that is rated for grease nearby. Do not try and use water to put out a grease fire.

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