Hernando County Injury Lawyer :: NHTSA Investigating Certain Ford Autos for Engine Issues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an investigation into possible problems with stalling or surging engines in nearly 725,000 Ford cars and SUVs.

The vehicles being investigated include the Ford Escape SUV as well as the Ford Fusion. In addition, the Milan and Mariner, formerly manufactured by Mercury, have been experiencing similar issues. However, it is important to note that Ford got rid of the Mercury brand in 2010.

361013_ford_remote.jpgThe issue could be credited to faulty printed circuit boards. These circuit boards control the engine’s throttles and some of the reported issues involve the throttle becoming stuck, either closed or open.

Three collisions thus far have been attributed to the stalling and surging problem. While only one person was injured, there have been nearly 1,500 complaints made to the NHTSA.

Whether the investigation will lead to a recall of these autos in the future remains to be seen. The main goal is to prevent accidents from occurring, so hopefully the failed auto component can be fixed.

While sometimes car accidents can be caused by negligent drivers, there are times when accidents occur due to no fault of either driver. Sometimes these unfortunate collisions are caused by defective or faulty auto products. In this particular case, if the faulty circuit boards are confirmed to have caused these accidents, it is entirely possible that Ford or its supplier could be held responsible for damages to victims.

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