Injury Lawsuit Involving Haunted House Settled for $125K

Visiting a haunted house is supposed to be a scary thrill. However, none of the happenings at these attractions should leave you injured. If you are injured, then the haunted house could be liable.

In 2014, a woman was severely injured while touring a haunted house in Pontiac, Michigan after a moving wall caused her to slip and fall. She sustain multiple fractures as well as other injuries.

The woman’s lawsuit alleged that she was knocked down in an area with inadequate lighting.

The case recently settled for $125,000.

If you plan on attending a haunted house this Halloween season, there are certain safety precautions you can take to avoid harm. However, if there are hidden dangers present, even the safest person can fall victim. Property owners in general have a legal duty to maintain safe conditions on their properties. When an owner or company fails to keep a premise safe and someone suffers a serious injury because of that condition, the victim can seek financial compensation for their losses.

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Have fun this Halloween, and be safe out there!

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