It is Spring Break! Make Sure You Know How to Spring Break Safely

Spring break is finally here! Families, college students and teenagers are packing their bags and heading out in search of fun, and usually sun, at their final destination. While planning what to do during your vacation is always top priority, it is equally important to plan what to do on your way there in the event an unexpected emergency arises.

There are many things you can do to lessen your chances of becoming a victim of a spring break auto accident, so consider the following safety tips before you head out of town:

  • 2339488040_f1a38bd513_zBefore you head out on your trip, get your car checked out by a mechanic. You need to make sure your vehicle is in proper working order before you drive any distance.
  • Plan your route. Make sure you pencil in time for breaks, rest stops and overnight stays, if needed. Keep in mind that while it is excellent to have a plan, should you need to add in an extra pit stop or two, that is perfectly OK. You do not want to push yourself to drive additional distances if you are too tired. Listen to your body, and take a rest when need be.
  • Rotate Drivers. Let one of your travel companions take the wheel when you need a break.
  • Call for help if you experience car trouble. It can be scary when something goes wrong with your vehicle in a foreign place. Stay in your car while you wait for help to arrive.
  • Do not drink and drive, or allow anyone else in the car to drink. It is illegal in many places for other passengers to drink in a vehicle, so do not chance it. With that said, if you have consumed any amount of alcohol, do not drive yourself and your buddies anywhere. Instead, opt for a cab or alternate transportation.

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