NHTSA Urges Owners of Model Year 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty and 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Vehicles to Get Recalled Cars Fixed

The NHTSA is urging owners of recalled Model Year 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty and Model Year 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles to contact their local dealer to arrange the free remedy repair for their vehicles.

Chrysler has reported that they currently have nearly 400,000 parts available to repair vehicles covered by this recall and will continue to produce parts to make sure they are able to meet consumer demands for the repair.

Owners who have any concerns about having their cars repaired should contact Chrysler customer service at 1-800-247-9753.

3808695_aa4f786b61_zChrysler’s recall remedy is aimed at addressing fuel tank ruptures and fires that can occur if the vehicle is struck from behind in a low to medium speed crash. According to the NHTSA, the risk of fuel tank ruptures and fires in lower to medium speed rear end crashes will be reduced by the remedy now offered by Chrysler. However, the NHTSA is still monitoring Chrysler’s efforts to notify vehicle owners and its effort to fix the affected vehicles.

Owners can find out if their individual vehicle is part of the recall by using NHTSA’s free VIN look up tool on safercar.gov.

According to the most recent reports, Chrysler has remedied only approximately 3 percent of affected vehicles of a population of more than 1.5 million. The NHTSA is pushing the manufacturer to fix recalled vehicles by reaching out to affected owners with accurate information on the safety defect and the availability of the free remedy repair.

Owners need to make sure their vehicles are registered with up-to-date contact information so that they can receive notices of safety defect recalls from manufacturers.

Chrysler claims that the vehicles are not defective, despite the fact that at least 51 deaths and 37 deadly rear-end collisions have occurred in recalled vehicles.

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