Snapping “Selfies” Behind the Wheel Can Cause Fatal Collisions

We all know that texting while driving is quite dangerous, but taking pictures while behind the wheel, commonly referred to as a “selfie,” can be equally as risky, if not more.

Instagram proves that drivers are snapping these photos, which can be viewed under the hashtags: #carselfie, #drivingselfie and the cringe-worthy, #ihopeidontcrash. Although it is not entirely clear whether the person taking the “selfie” has their car in motion, the possibility that they might is still very scary.

Car “selfies” are just a new category to add to the ever-growing list of ways drivers can become distracted on the road. According to the Department of Transportation, it is estimated that more than 3,330 deaths are caused by distracted drivers every year. Cell phone usage alone by drivers lead to 385 fatal crashes in 2011, according to the latest National Occupant Protection Use Survey.

9182166213_de1ffb215e_zEven though smart phones and their technology can be fun and exciting, drivers must avoid these dangers while driving. These days everyone is glued to their electronic devices, whether for work or pleasure, but when driving, the focus needs to remain on the road. Taking a picture while driving will not only distract you, but it can obstruct your vision of the road ahead as well.

Motorists who take their eyes off the road for just two seconds to take a pic can travel about 176 feet at 60 mph, according to the American Automobile Association. So, if a driver decides to record a six second video while maintaining a speed of 60mph, they will travel 528 feet. That is equivalent to one and one-half football fields.

Do not be tempted – never take a “selfie” or “selfie video” while driving. Deciding to put your phone away while on the road can be the difference between causing an accident and arriving to your final destination safely. It is important for drivers of all ages to remember this.

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