Spring Hill Auto Accident Attorney :: Top 5 Riskiest Rides for Personal Injuries

A recently released insurance industry study urges drivers that are looking into purchasing an affordable compact-sized car to reconsider. According to information obtained by the Highway Loss Data Institute, compact cars have been identified as the top vehicles for personal injury claims.

By researching insurance data from 2009 through 2011, the HLDI found that occupants in smaller compact vehicles are highly likely to be injured in motor vehicle accidents despite the fact that many of these same cars have been recognized as some of the safest vehicles on the market. Although, the results should not be too shocking since larger, heavier vehicles tend to afford drivers and passengers with better protection than smaller cars.

760290_car_wreck.jpgBelow are the Top 5 Cars for Personal Injuries according to The Highway Loss Data Institute:

1. Toyota Yaris: The HLDI warns occupants to not get in a traffic accident in a Toyota Yaris. This tiny subcompact has a higher rate of personal injury claims than any other vehicle. Research shows that Yaris occupants filed personal injury claims 28.5 times for every 1,000 2009-2011 models. On the opposite end of the injury claim spectrum is the Porsche 911, which had the best rate – just 4.5 claims per 1,000 insured vehicles.

2. Suzuki SX4: The HLDI found that the Suzuki SX4 crossover had the second-highest injury claim rate, logging 26.6 injury claims per 1,000 SX4s.

3. Chevrolet Aveo: According to the HLDI, this subcompact came in third place, charting 26 injury claims per 1,000 insured Aveos.

4. Mitsubishi Galant: This sedan ranked fourth in the HLDI study, with a reported 25.4 injury claims per 1,000 insured Galants.

5. Kia Rio: The HLDI study found that the Kia Rio had 24.9 injuries per 1,000 insured vehicles.

The study found that many of the above vehicles with the highest personal injury protection claims also have the highest insurance claims for medical payments and bodily injury liability.

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