Spring Hill Boating Accident Lawyer :: Children and Personal Watercraft Safety – These Vehicles are Not Toys

Spring Hill, FL – Jet skis and other personal watercrafts (PWCs), are hugely popular among children and teens as they are fun to ride and travel at high speeds. However, these exciting water vehicles can turn an outdoor excursion into a tragedy in a matter of seconds. While there is always a risk for drowning, the leading cause of death in PWC accidents is blunt trauma, and children are more likely to be the victims of these serious accidents than adults.

Experts have questioned how safe these vehicles are for underage riders. In fact, more than 100 children are injured or killed in PWC accidents every year. Furthermore, in a study conducted by trauma surgeons at the University of Florida, it was found that children injured in accidents involving PWCs suffered far more serious injuries than those involved in other boating accidents.

PWCs can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, plow over tall waves, execute sharp turns and easily maneuver between other boats and water vehicles. The most common injuries from a Jet Ski or other personal watercraft accident include:

• Head Injuries
• Paralysis
• Brain & Spinal Cord Trauma
• Death
Many injuries suffered from a PWC involve collisions with barriers or obstacles and passenger ejections. PWC accidents often involve collisions with:

• Docks
• Other Vehicles in the Water
• Fixed Objects Hidden Underwater
866408_jet_ski.jpgBecause the threat of severe injuries or death are quite common in PWC accidents involving children, parents should make sure they never take their eyes off of their kids when on the water. The following tips can be helpful and prevent a tragedy from ever occurring on a PWC:

1. Do not let a child under the age of 16 operate a PWC in Hernando County
2. Always outfit children with a life jacket and make sure it fits appropriately
3. Children should wear protective gear, such as a wet suit, gloves, goggles and
even a helmet
4. Keep hands, feet, hair and clothing at a safe distance from the pump intake
5. A Jet Ski should never be operated in less than 24 inches of water

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